Skyria Flag

Skyria's Flag


Skyria's Seal

Motto: Natus a cinere (Born from the ashes)

Anthem: "We'll B in Harmoney"
Skyria Regional Map

Skyria's Location

Skyria Colonies 1.0

Skyria's Territories and Claims

Capital: Helicoster

Largest City: Nova Roma

Government: Technocratic Oligarchy

Chairleader: William Green

Official Languages: English, Latin
Demonym: Skyrian (Skee-ree-an)


  • Culture: 1450 CE - 1650 CE
  • Independence: 1799 CE
  • Constitution: 1803 CE

Currency: Lunatis () (SYL)

Internet TLD: .sky
Drives on the: Right

Skyria (pronounced /'Skeer-eeuh/) is a Technocratic Oligarchy based around scientific and all around well-being of it and other nation's peoples. It consists of 7 providences, each one holding a strategic resource to insure balance in the entire nation.