Motto: "Maximo Imperium" (latin)

"The Grandoise Empire"


"Reverie - Claude Debussy"


Chevekian Flag

Map of Chevek

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Coat of Arms

Chevek coat of Arms

Capital: Casare

Largest City: Chevek City

Official Language: Chevekian
Demonym: Chevekian

Government: Elected Monachy

Monarch: Unknown

Hier to Throne: Unknown

Legislature: Council of Chevek

  • Upper House Monarch
  • Lower House House of Rapigwa


  • Tri Foot Clan 1560 BC (Independence)
  • Chevek 868 AD (Revolution)
Currency: Chevek

Chevek (Ch/ev/ik) is a country located on the continent Vetus, among isles surrounded by mainland, in the far North West. Chevek is a reigning super power, even though it has a small area, its population and economic superority are both remarkabley high.

Chevek was once home to its acenster, Tri Foot and several kingdoms dedicated to Cowism. Which later led to a revolution that removed self rightious ruling, and replacing it with elected monarchy.

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