Aregon Flag



Motto: For Rights of Man, The Blood Shall Rise!


Population: 475,500,000

Military Soldiers: 1,200,000

Demonym: Aregonian

Capital: Aregon City

Largest City: Neo

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Currency: Denius (Copper) Daui (Silver) Gold (Gold) Credits (Electric)
Languages: English (Aregonian Accent)
Drives: Right

Aregon (Air-Eh-Gone) A Country Consisting of 3 states, Aregon, Yokohama, and Neo. The Country is Based on Military, Has No Main Religion, and Its Goverment is Held by 25 Generals for Economy, War, Balance, Cultural, and Structure.

The Country was founded by Revolutioniers, Overthrowing their Current Dictatorship, of the Emran Empire. Economy, Money Goes into the Military, And People, its Steady, As Taxes are Higher for the Richer, to keep people having the same amount of money. For Military, Each Man has to server atleast 2 years of duty, to become an Aregonian Citizen, You must Be in the Military for 5. Weapons are On Power, and Accuracy, to be Quick, and Percise is the Key to Victory, Tanks can enforce victory, but try saying that in the Face of a Bazooka.